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Moody, vintage presets are cool. But warm, happy presets are what attracts people to click on your photos.πŸ’―

Weather in my country is really changeable. Sometimes it is really sunny and warm, but sometimes we have a whole month of Β gray & depressing weather (for example: during autumn and winter). Your business cannot always depend on the perfect weather conditions and warm, sunny days.πŸ”…

My job is to capture happy, cheerful moments and my clients want their photos to be vibrant and joyful. Sometimes when it’s a cloudy day, my clients ask me if I can photoshop the sun.
I tried searching for presets with vibrant and warm colors but all I found was vintage, green/yellowish presets which don’t resonate with my style.🌦

After that unsuccessful, desperate search, I realized I needed to create my own Lightroom presets which will help me achieve that warm, bright & cozy look on my photos.🌈

I’m so excited to share these presets with you and help you win your editing game.πŸ’»

What’s Included:

βœ“ 18 Lightroom Presets

βœ“ Mobile version (XMP files)

βœ“ Quick Access Instant Download

βœ“ Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Installation

βœ“ Lifetime Unlimited Access

*Lightroom presets are pre-made settings that help you enhance your photos quickly and consistently. They save you time by applying specific looks with just a few clicks. Presets also serve as a learning tool, allowing you to understand editing techniques. They inspire creativity, optimize your workflow, and provide a starting point for achieving your desired results efficiently.

*Presets are like magic buttons in Lightroom that instantly enhance your photos with a specific look. They bring consistency, inspiration, and streamline your editing process. With presets, you save time and add a touch of fun to your photo editing adventure.


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